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What newcomers in Germany should watch out for

Are you planning to move to Germany for a shorter or longer period? Or perhaps you are already in Germany? Then it is high-time you find out about the formalities you need to attend to at your local government offices as well as for the important other topics in daily life – your future home, insurances, cell phone, landline, Internet connections, etc.

At a glance: the German market in accommodation, insurance, phone, Internet, etc.
vergleichen.de has set up a special information-packed section just for people moving and migrating to Germany. It brings together information on the market situation, peculiarities and helpful tips for every area consumers from abroad may be interested in. Each subsection ends with links to particularly relevant offers (e.g. English-speaking service hotlines, making cheap calls abroad and much more besides).
Taking into consideration people’s language abilities
Newcomers from abroad will possibly not yet have mastered the German language or feel a bit out of their depth speaking it. With this in mind, vergleichen.de offers you key information and provides overviews and comparisons of vendors and their offers in other languages, too. Currently, English, French and Turkish are available. You will also find detailed databases, whose contents are understandable without a great command of the language through the use of graphics, images, figures and the like.
About vergleichen.de
www.vergleichen.de is an extensive comparison portal on various consumer topics such as cell phones, Internet, shopping, energy or travel and a host of other subjects. In every area, vergleichen.de helps you track down the best prices and offers. It meets the need of consumers; not just to have subjects treated superficially or by way of excerpts, but to give them a top-quality and extensive overview in every subject area. It uses detailed databases, comparison tools and vendor overviews as well as in-depth information, advice and tips on a whole range of topics. All this makes vergleichen.de a landmark one-stop shop with a wide subject coverage that few other web portals can match.